Navratna - Le Royal Meridian

On a quiet Monday evening, the wife and me decided to have a rendezvous with Meridian and so we drove down there, spent some time in the lobby and were trying to choose between the three in house restaurants to have dinner! One of the managers helped us out and we chose Navratna, their Indian restaurant, as we were told  that we could get food from the other restaurants at Navratna but not the other way around. Add a nice candle light dinner to it and our choice was made.

The setting of Navratna was grandiose, with a Nawab like ambiance!!! We settled into a nice table and were pampered well! The menu is pretty small, a South Indian section and a North Indian section, with only between  four or five choices within starters, main courses, curries and desserts in each of the sections! We were not particularly hungry and so we ordered two fresh juices, 2 starters and one biriyani! The juices were decent, for starters we had ordered Chicken coriander cubes and Aloo 65!!! The chicken was soft, succulent and was melting in our mouths while the aloo 65 was an unique dish for me as I have never had this before and I rather enjoyed it! The Dum khus chicken biriyani was excellent too, again with the meat being so tender and flavorful, it was indeed a joy to eat!

The above cost us Rs 1695, yes, definitely expensive, but for us it was our anniversary dinner and so was alright. Service was excellent, they subtly questioned the occasion and then were given an excellent complimentary cake which was excellent and large, not a small one for eyewash!

Good place for good food with a grandiose decor and great service!

Food 8/10
Service 9/10
Ambiance 8/10
Price 7/10

Navratna is the Indian restaurant at Le Royal Meridian hotel, at the Kathipara junction!