Accord Hotel's coffee shop Seasons is where 14 of us head to for a friend's birthday treat! Usually for such large groups a buffet is the best bet and since none of us had tried this one in particular, the decision was sealed.

Its only later we knew why we have not been here for so so long!

Soup was served on the table and the choices were mixed seafood soup and mixed veg soup. Somehow, I believe that the soup in a buffet should be chicken for the non veg. Chicken is the most commonly consumed non veg item and quite a few non vegetarians do not consume prawns and certain kinds of fish, and its unfair that they have to choose a veg soup. The same happened to this group and 9 of the 12 non vegetarians had to choose the veg soup which was very average and disappointing.

We were served quite a few starters on the table too and the potato salad, the grilled chicken and one of the fish dishes  was good. All others were an eye wash for a starter. So we moved on pretty quickly to the main course.

The main course had a 'multi cuisine' part and an 'Italian' part to it. I tasted almost every dish on the menu and was thoroughly disappointed. Except a few dishes like the beef lasagna, the seared chicken, the potato tikki, the singapore chicken and a few salads, rest were very very average for a restaurant in a hotel of this caliber. The biriyani was very average ( I am very strict with my biriyani standards, but most people in the party were not too happy either and hence the verdict).

There was a huge dessert spread and most of them were average. The fruit shots were an exception and were good. The pineapple custard cake was nice and the brownie was decent. The ice creams were HARD and extremely difficult to take and tasted like old ice creams.

Service and ambiance were good and no complaints on that front. But being priced at about Rs 845 per person, I did expect something more.

Overall, it was a disappointment on the food front. Seasons, though meant to give us variety, only showed us obscene winters and merciless summers with occasional pleasantness between them.

Food 5/10
Service 7/10
Ambiance 7/10
Price     6/10  

Seasons is the coffee shop at The Accord Metropolitan Hotel on G N Chetty Road, T. Nagar.