The Farm- OMR

I was at the farm sometime ago!!! And then I got all busy and like some might have noted, I disappeared to another country!!!! I soon plan to have an International Food Blog as well, but, thats for later.

Now I do not remember all the individual dishes I ate there, HOWEVER, I very well remember that we had a WONDERFUL time. Its a great place to go either as a group or, like quite a few people seemed to have noticed, to take your date (provided both are willing to eat well).

The tour of the farm was nice. The first lake was nice to sit by and the second one (with no water in it) exited a film maker in our gang! You can take your cricket bat there or badminton or anything of your choice, play n sweat it out, work up the appetite and get back to eat. The place is open from 5 PM to 11 PM. So to make the most of it, head in early.

Hospitality is unbelievable. The whole experience is like going to some kind of a wedding and being attended to personally! You can eat your first course, walk around the place, work up some more appetite, get back to pizzas, walk some get the picture, don't you?

Personally I liked a few dishes specifically, esp the two chicken starters, they were brilliant. The beer chicken was somehow not to my taste and the sheek kebab was alright. The garlic breads are fresh out of the oven and are wonderful. The potatoes were awesome too! The pizzas, depend on how well you decided to spoil them. Follow the instructions of the guy at the oven, and your pizza will turn out to be great! But we also deviated from the instructions, and one pizza turned out to be KICK ASS, while another turned out like something that is not really pizza!!!! But thats the fun part of this whole experimenting, your price includes the pizzas that don't turn out to be good, so the real chef in you springs up!!!

The curd that he served, apparently home made from buffalo's milk, is among the best curds I have had in my life!!!

I feel, you could add a dessert or two to the menu, but I presume the menu keeps changing, so may be the next time, I might find more!

At 500 per head, there is no question of Value for Money!!!!!! Its more value than most places on earth!!!!

Ambiance 9/10
Price- 9/10
Service- 8/10

The Farm is located on the OMR, near the Shell Petrol Pump. You need to make a reservation to be able to spend a wonderful evening there!