Pelita, a Malaysian cuisine resto in T.Nagar has had mixed reviews in view of its authenticity. Some people who have been to Malaysia say that it has nothing to do with Malaysia whereas a friend who has lived all her life in Brunei, Malaysia and Singapore swears by it. Well, the only thing that mattered to me was that the food was good and I dint care if it was authentic or not! Though I did keep telling myself that I was eating some Malaysian food.
There are two seating areas, one outside facing the road amongst trees and bushes and one on the other side of the glass doors and windows which is air conditioned. You can keep seeing the Chennai roads while you have your meal. The outside is a good option at night, though if a polluting lorry passes by (which invariably it will at least once during your meal), it might spoil your meal for a short while.
The starters, well, we had Chicken Satay which for me was one of the best dishes I have had. Though we ordered one plate for 4 of us, I went ahead and ordered one more just for me. The fried prawns were good too, its not de-shelled and so looks large, but its basically a full prawn dipped in batter and deep fried and its pretty decent. My friend who digs by fish ordered a fish head ( I don't remember the name of the dish and I am not a fish eater)-a full head of the fish with the eyes intact cooked to perfection. He ate the whole thing!!!!!!!!! I don't see these dishes in too many of the Indian or the 'Multi Cuisine' restaurants and that's another reason I kept telling myself that this is Malaysian Cuisine
We ordered Malaysian fried rice which was very very average, and tasted funny, something that I would not order again. The chicken mukthaba which is basically a stuffed paratha, thick with egg and chicken filling and is pretty filling by itself and tasted awesome. The waiter suggested a chicken gravy to go with it which really goes well with mukthaba. They have quite a few 'Malaysian' dishes that had some interesting names.
We were pretty full and so did not venture too much into the desserts but we tried an Ice Katchang which is supposedly a 'Malaysian' speciality. Its a huge pile of some jelly like thing with ice cream on top and you have to dig into the jelly to bring out nuts and some other goodies. Its pretty big and gets boring by the time you finish it. We ordered two for four of us, but would have been better off ordering just one. The best dish however is the BOM PAROTA which is parota stuffed with condensed milk and ghee. It literally gives you a high! Its a must try at this place! Juices are alright, nothing great nothing bad.
Overall its a nice place to go once in a while.

Food 6/10 (if you are willing to try some different foods)
Service 6/10
Ambiance 6/10

Pelita is on the same road as GRT Grand Days on the opposite side. Take a right at the junction just beyond the Sun TV office on Mount Road and you can see the resto on the left side of the road beyond GRT and Residency Towers.