Great Kabab Factory

Its not a place to hang out and meet. Its a place about one word-FOOD. Loosen your waist and start. You cant order anything there and neither is it a buffet. Welcome to the Great Kebab Factory where the only choice you make is 'Veg or Non Veg'. They have a fixed menu and bring it in a particular order. And at anytime you can ask for any of those dishes, but I strongly suggest that you don't. Because when I did,I realized that as they kept bringing i was not able to eat towards the end because I had filled up my stomach with what I thought tasted great, only to realize that tastier dishes were coming up. So let them bring it to you, dish by dish. And at the end (after they serve biriyani with naan and dhal makhni), the waiter will ask you if you want a refill of something, and at that time you can ask for whatever you think you have space for, but then again, remember that there is whole of dessert to come by too so leave some space for the awesome deserts to follow. By the time the deserts are over, they would have stuffed food right down your throat and if you yawn, the person opposite to you can almost see food in your mouth. You might not want to drive after that, so i suggest you go with a chauffeur. Come home and sleep, don't you dare try anything else. When you wake up the next morning you will hate food, the oil and the great taste of food is soooooo good that it hits you hard. You probably won't feel like eating kebabs for the rest of your life. Don't worry, that is a normal feeling and two days later you will crave for that food again. The second time I went, I held back the urge to ask for any kebab in the middle. Just sit back, relax and let them serve you in their fixed order.

Go there only if you have skipped lunch and you have had a light breakfast. The girls only wasted the food when they went with us, no offence to the women, but i suggest you girls don't even have the breakfast the day you plan to go there, even better if you can also skip dinner the previous night. Except for one, all of them ate only one bite of each kebab. It costs 675(including tax) for NV and 555 for the veg kebabs. Worth once in a long while, but the food is SIMPLY SUPERB.