French Loaf

French Loaf is a cake house that serves bread, sandwiches and croissants and of course cakes. The place is small and so are the tables, but its a good place to just chill out and the eatable are mostly very very good.
You have four aspects of food there-the sandwiches, the bread, the croissants and other bread stuff stuffed with fillings and the cakes.
For the sandwiches, you get a piece of paper with all the variables in it to make your order. You tick whatever you want and hand it over to the waiter and it will be served just as you asked, totally customized. Though the concept is all nice, the sandwiches are not, they are just alright.
The bread stuff, are mostly very good. Especially the chicken quiche-creamy, yummy and fatty. The frankfurters are alright and the croissants are really nice. You have a wide choice of such food in both veg and non veg fillings.
The bread- you have a host of choices of french loaves, garlic loaves, soup sticks, multi grain bread etc etc etc, in white, brown, multi grain and all the possible combinations. Yes, most of these are take home stuff, but I must say that their garlic loaf is simply stunning. Its about 2 feet long, hard and crunchy with a mild garlic flavor. I make sure I get one t eat every time I go there and also one to take home and keep munching while I watch the TV. Its really good. And most of their bread varieties are worth every penny you pay!
The cakes are probably their flagship products. You get cakes in numerous flavors and almost all of them are extremely good. The mango gateaux, the kiwi, the chocolate, the pineapple and every other flavor you can think of are all there. Each of them are unique in their own way and if its a big group, then each of you should try a different flavor.
All in all its a place that serves great cakes and bread varieties. Except for being small and slightly uncomfortable for a large group, its a great place if its just a couple or threesome to just chill out!
They have the Chocolate factory on the first floor, its crazy expensive, but its a new story altogether.

Ambiance- 5/10
Service- Not much to expect in a place of this genre.

French Loaf is located on Harrington Road a few furlongs beyond Shopper's Stop and a new branch right next to Benjarong on TTK Road.