Casa Picola- Express Lunch

Had the express lunch at Casa! Hmmmm.....Lip smacking.
You choose your soup, your salad, your gravy/pasta and a mocktail! The mocktail is served first. He offered us a watermelon with lime mocktail. Superb!

The best part is that the whole lunch is served in one setting. So in a nice huge tray, you get the three things you chose along with two slices of garlic bread (it was fresh and super tasty today, and its the first time I am having such lovely garlic bread at Casa, hope they can maintain that bread) and a bowl of herbed rice. We had a beef soup (I cant get the name but there is only one beef soup, so ask for it, it was stunning), chicken salad which was like, well, chicken salad with macroni. Nothing special about the salad, just simple, cold and tasty. I had the stroganhof while my friend had the spicy oriental chicken. Mine was simply superb, however the spicy oriental was very average. It tasted like some local chinese hotel's dragon chicken gravy (but i guess thats how its supposed to be, being oriental). The herbed rice went well with the gravy and is a very good accompaniment. The gravy is not watery and is of the lasagna consistency, so you can actually eat it by itself.

You also get a dessert with that- We chose a caramel custard, which was again, simple, good fresh caramel custard. Nothing special, but good enough to finish the meal!

Its priced at Rs 149, but after all the taxes and service charges, it comes to Rs 172 per person. Considering the portions (they look small, but will fill you just right, not over fill you) and the variety you get to eat, i think it was neat! And if its two of you, you can get to taste two entirely different set of soup, salad and gravy so its really neat! The more the merrier,unlike a buffet where you all eat the same thing.

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