Roll Over

Cold Stone! A decade or so back, this failed to create ripples in Chennai with chefs taking out ice creams and mixing them with multiple spanks and adding toppings and spanking them again and again, creating this ice cream chutney, very much on the lines of the Kothu Parotta a street side favourite that no Chennaiites would have missed. This simply was the dessert version for the city!

But in 2016, the cold stone is making a come back of sorts, but for very different reasons. The ice cream is made in a jiffy from scratch right in front of your eyes. No fancy liquid nitrogen! Just the really really cold stone that instantly freezes the ice cream mix that is then cut and rolled and hence the name. While this is available in the streets of Thailand, I didn't know it originated there! Or at least that is what Roll Over claims. 

We had two of their premium ice cream rolls, the Caramel Popcorn and the Guava Chilli. Served on the waffle base with some candied and crisp pop corn on top, the caramel popcorn rolls were excellent.  The guava chilli was a little subdued though and while the salt and chilli mix that is traditionally used to dip the guava before the bite did add some zing to it, it was frozen guava juice at best.

Their signature dish, the Chocoalate Karma was a masterchef take on simple rolled ice cream, with a glimpse of theatre! Vanila ice cream rolls with a big ball  sitting on a crunchy base on one side and a hot chocolate sauce on the other, you pour it on the ball which melts and reveals a, rather tiny but yummy, brownie inside! When mixed together, they give you the flavours of the usual, but very well made brownie with ice cream.

Priced at Rs 99 for the premium flavours and Rs. 249 for the Karma, our bill was Rs. 519 including taxes.

Roll Over is located on 2nd Avenue, Anna Nagar, bang opposite Santosh Supermarket.