English Tea Room

Another quirky new cafe opens up and this one comes with a little art gallery. Though not fully ready, the cafe part of it is fully set up and its really nice and quirky with a yesteryear European ambiance. The first time I went, I had the high tea and I really did not like it. The sandwich was 3 pieces of the same corn sandwich and I could literally taste the store bough ingredients and sauce,  the scones were ok, the cake was dry and in general was a disaster. The only thing that was good was the 2 tier serving dish! Never thought I would go back in about 2 months time.

We landed on a morning plane and were hungry and our options were the English Tea house of Brew Room. And so we decided to give this place another shot simply because the wife loved the name! Yes, just that. And that decision wasn't one that we had to regret, thankfully.

We ordered one Full English breakfast and asked to replace the bacon with potatoes which they happily did, and one Shepherd's Pie. If the name is English, I thought, why not try some English stuff.

The breakfast was very nice and probably the only place which serves sautéed mushrooms as part of the breakfast. Very English! It was hearty and yummy, but the one thing that stood out was the bread. I wish I could buy some of it. I don't know what went into it, but it was fabulous. We asked for an extra portion and they didn't charge for it, so liked that too! The breakfast also comes with some orange juice, eggs to order, bakes beans and sausages along with a tea of your choice. The tea could feed two people!

The Shepherd's pie was pretty nice and the ratio of the meat to the potatoes was very good and nearly half, which is excellent. I expected it to be less wide and taller, but hey, we're not picking dimensions here!

We finished off with a nice pumpkin pie, which wasn't too sweet and quite perfect for my palate! Our damages? Rs. 1095!

So great breakfast and bad high tea!

English Tea Room is on Kasturi Rangan Road, the road adjacent to the old Chola Sheraton, down the road from Russian Culture centre.