Christmas Dinner, Focaccia, Hyatt Regency

With so many options for Christmas dinners (read Turkey), it can be tough to pick one (if you have to pick one like me). With my staple Turkey Roast and Biriyani from Blue Diamond is no longer available, search for a replacement turkey was on and with a special menu at Focaccia being up, we presented ourselves there. With the Italian chef off for the day, we were hoping his team can do without him and this is a great way to judge a restaurant - when the chef is off!

As I write this, there is only day left and I really think they should have this menu till New Years! One starter, two main courses and a dessert platter was the order for two of us. Starting off with the super yummy Cheese Creme Brûlée! Oh man. Just the sight of creme brûlée in the starter section was enough to get us intrigued, but when the dish arrived, it was yummy. And hot, so watch out. I nearly burnt my tongue, but once past it, this was a beautifully executed dish. The hard sugar top was bang on and you had to crack it open to reveal the creamy cheese beneath! With a dash of veggies to dip and eat, this was the dish of the day.

Keeping our focus on Turkey, the Slow Cooked turkey with veggies in cream was a stunning dish. With crunch on top made of nuts and a super yummy gravy, this was super super yummy and we loved this! At Focaccia, a risotto is a must have, so we had a asparagus risotto al dente with a beautiful bite to it! Yummy as usual. With yummy food coming along and with space left in our tummies, we then had the third main to share - a lamb tortellini! Oh yum again. While parmesan cheese is the norm, here it was Pecorino, which is like a salty version of parmesan (and one that I love, so take this reco with a pinch of, well, salt)!

Dolce. Underwhelming. I don't know if the rest of the food was so good that dessert felt average, or if it was indeed that way, the platter didn't live up to the rest.

The menu is on till the 23rd of this month and I really think they should have it till the end of the year!