Waf O 'Bel

If a restaurant shuts and you cry, then you really loved that place! But if you loved it, then so many more would have loved it too! Why will it shut then? Yeah, funny. No, you crying is not the funny part, but the restaurant closing!

And the smile when it re-opens!?! HHHHUUURRRRAAAAHHHH. CCCHHEEEEEEEEEEESE! Yeah, same feeling when Wafobel disappeared and then reappears in a brand new, chic avatar! From a tiny 10 square feet outlet to a swanky new place, Wafobel has grown! It now comes with a larger menu, some savoury waffles and....wait. If you're expecting chicken on your waffles, stop your dreams right now. It is still pure vegetarian!!! We settled for one stuffed waffled platter to sample all of their savoury waffles. Really nothing to write home about!

But the real waffles (yeah the sweet ones) were all yummy! Crisp on the outside, slightly soft on the inside and wonder how they do it without egg in the recipe! The two chocolate ones were great, while the Waffle of the Month, a pistachio ice cream waffle which did not match up to the other two, was still great!

Conspicuous by its absence is the Leige waffle! I used to love them when Wafobel operated out of Sam's pizza and I really hope they bring it back here!

Wafobel is now on 13th Ave, off Harrington road, in the second floor of a quaint little building.