Sunset Grill, The Westin, Restaurant Week India

All you have to do is wait! Yes. It's that simple, I guess. First we had one, then the same thing happened twice and now we have two festivals every six months! I am talking about Food Weeks and now Restaurant Week India, the original, is back! This time also powered by Ola, so you can get picked up and dropped back as part of the deal. Wonderful places at a fraction of the price, so only thing left is for them to physically take the food and put it in your mouth.

Having been to most of the restaurants on the list, I was excited to see a few new places and I thought I will try Sunset grill at the Westin! It was cloudy and there was a chance that we may have to dine inside, but the rains were kind and put off plans till a little later. And that is how we were able to dine at this beautiful open air restaurant. The ambiance is beautiful to say the least and the beautiful weather made it a perfect evening out.

The menu is interesting. No single cuisine, but anything that is grilled and maybe sometimes not. So the menu is a good mix of finger food and sizzlers! As part of the RWI menu, you get a starter, a main course and dessert. I was surprised to see Ceviche on the menu! Don't remember seeing that anywhere in Chennai so that was my first choice, a Prawn Avocado and Orange ceviche, while my friend asked for crab cakes. The Ceviche was wonderful. Tangy, spicy, juicy and with quite a few pieces of prawns, so hearty as well. Served in a glass that is deceptive, as you keep digging, you seem to keep getting more! The crab cakes were blah! Oh, the bread basket that they serve is awesome. With a soft pesto stuffed bread being the best, the basket is beautiful.

We got an excellent dish for main course and my friend's choice was bang on - a Chermoula shaved Tenderloin. Nice and smoky (being served on the sizzler) and parsley flavours coming through, and also for a tenderloin that was cooked more than medium, it was soft and juicy. The chicken dish, I ordered was blah. Both were served with rice and beautiful potato wedges.

Dessert was wonderful. Both of them! A beautiful red velvet and mascarpone cake that was soft and almost like a red velvet take on the Tiramisu, while the Coconut and Jaggery Creme Brûlée was yummy. The bland side that was served with the creme brûlée was the perfect balancer for the sweet dish.

Priced at Rs. 950 plus taxes + Rs. 60 convenience fee for a 3 course meal with two Ola Prime rides to and from the destination (capped at Rs. 150 each way), this is a steal. Lunch is slightly cheaper (this restaurant is not open for lunch, but some others in the list are.) You can book below.

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