Nachos at Spoonbill, TTK Road

Street food in an air conditioned ambiance? Such a contradiction and one that is a tad difficult to pull off. First of all, the expectations. Street food shouldn't cost 3 figures right? Well actually, they do. Good stuff abroad costs somewhere in the range of $2-3 sometimes more, so even an actual conversion will take the cost to over Rs. 200.

Great, now that we have the price out of the way, Spoonbill for me has been a place that almost pulls of the really difficult street-food-in-a-classy-ambiance cuisine! Over the last couple of years and more so over the last couple of months, it has doused my inner flame for street food. Once Swiggy happened, I didn't need the classy ambiance. Street food came home!

While there are definitely some misses, the hits more than make up for it. For example, the Wurst. Yum. May not be accurate, but pretty close in flavours and the Madras Curry Powder is oh-so-awesome. The Donner Kebabs are fabulous!

But what prompted me to write this was the home delivery last evening. After a cancelled meeting and no dinner at home, we decided to order a quick something and for various reasons I have been having a Mexicany craving for a while. A couple of places were dousing the cravings, but clearly, they weren't doused enough. Saw nachos on the menu and it was a one second decision.

The package was near-perfect. The entire sauce with the sour cream in one box, the nachos in a packet. The only thing I would change maybe is to serve the sour cream separate on a home delivery. After doing the plating honours, the first bite itself was perfect. Spoonbill is one of the few (maybe the only one in Chennai) getting the Nachos sauce flavour right. There is the hit of corn and the unmistakable essence of Mexicany flavours in the mix. The sour cream was a good sour cream which added the much needed spice relief. And I had to write this as a tribute.

Now I know exactly where to go when I want those Mexicany flavours. It is the best available in Chennai!

Spoonbill is on TTK Road, above Coffee Day!