Gourmet Flavours, On The Rocks, Crowne Plaza

Citibank has now got its Food Festival back in a brand new avatar, the Gourmet Flavours. Along with FBAI (Food Blogger Association of India), they've gone all out in promoting their own version of the week long bonanza where 5 star hotels dinners are made available at a fraction of the cost! The menu at On The Rocks looked amazing and that was my choice for dinner! FBAI set up the invite for two of us and off we went!

This was a 3 course dinner and it started off well with a nice modified Scottish Egg. There was no runny centre (and that is why, modified) on a bed of salad. The coating on the egg was heavenly. My friend ordered the Mackerel and he quite loved it, while me, not being a fish fan, was able to tolerate it!

The second was awesome for me with the fantastic slow cooked lamb shoulder! It was beautiful cooking with the perfect sides and melt in the mouth meat! My friend wasn't so lucky. The chicken breast was dry and while the potatoes and the sides were great, the chicken itself was pretty average! The restaurant acknowledged it and gave us a Beetroot Gnocchi to make up for the dish and it did salvage the dinner.

Desserts were excellent. Their standard Sticky Toffee pudding and the new dessert, Chocolate Delicious were both the highlights of the day! The sticky pudding was juicy and moist while the new dessert was beautiful.

It was disappointing not to see any choice of their usual cook ON THE ROCK in the special menu, but what was there was quite good! My friend had some German wine which he said paired well with the food. I wouldn't know what that means! Pun Intended!

The meal is Rs. 950++ for Citibank credit card holders and Rs. 1150++ for others. Our dinner was set up by FBAI and we paid only for the wine. Two glasses at Rs. 2004!