Abid's, Chetput

And then comes an Iftar that is so difficult to write about!

I've been hearing this Abid's name quite a few times in social media. It took me a while to figure out where the place is, but then I found them incidentally one day and decided to take a look!

The place is sort of new and still getting their act, but this is a first impression. Stood in the non-existent queue and hustled my way to getting one haleem, a couple of Lukhmi, a chicken cheese cigar roll and and yummy looking Ande-ka-meeta.

Drank some water, ate one lukhmi and drove home to devour the rest. Needless to say, I was really hungry! I think I might have a problem with the names!

So, I saw a lot of references to Hyderabadi Haleem/Biriyani. This is not Hyderabadi at all, but that takes away nothing from the haleem. There was much lesser meat, but the flavours were very homely.  The haleem itself was of good consistency, no bones which made the eating experience a lot better and the fried onions added the much needed depth to the flavour, but for a fasting stomach, this was a nice homely haleem. Priced at Rs. 99, this is real value for money, though the lower lamb ratio took out the flavours a bit!

The Lukhmi was the only thing that clearly missed the name tag. Hmmm.....actually no. The outer part of it was clearly lukhmi, but I am used to the mutton lukhmi and found no traces of the usual flavours. The chicken cheese cigar roll was yummy!!

My favourite dish was the Ande-ka-meeta! It was a super super dish!! Nicely caramelised layer on top with the perfect consistency of the cake-like bottom. Soft and tasted yummy!!

The total for all of this was about Rs. 260!

Abid is in Spurtank Road,Chetput, a little further down from Buhari.