Royal Marwar Cuisine, Beyond Indus, Taj Clubhouse

Can someone make you go gaga over basa?

Like, really?


When he cooks for the king, apparently he can!

Introducing us to the Royal flavours, chef Chandar Singh Rathod, with his ever folded hands left a smashing blow!

Done perfectly, with a-la-carte, he took us through royalty.

When I saw the menu and was startled at the 'Gulab Jamun Gravy,' he assured me that he makes gravies out of even Rasagolla. Oh man!

So, coming back to the basa! Starters were nice, but nothing stood out after the main course. Clearly, the maharajas weren't into starters. The Sangri kebab was a completely different flavour than what most of us might be used to. The corn kebabs were yum, the slightly pickly Chicken was nice, but only God knows how he infused so much flavour into the basa fish. Those were yellow fillets from heaven. Yes, starters were great but after main courses.............

Then the platter of the ingredients used for cooking food for the kings! Khair (not sure of the spelling). Those little pebble like things. Was a powerhouse of flavours. At Rs. 12,000 per kg, it would be surprising only if they didn't have so much flavour. And the sangri, a type of bean root.

Then came the gulab jamun gravy. Oh-my-God. What a wonderful use of a sweet. Un-freaking-believable. He then came and effortlessly squeezed some bread on the dhal and topped it off with Churma to give us a fabulous Dhal-Baati-Churma. Flavours still stuck in the brain. The roti's didn't need any gravy. They were yum by themselves. I will have to learn the cuisine to be able to explain, but when food is that good, I don't think it needs an explanation. Just an open mind.

The dessert platter was fabulous. Nothing else to say.

The festival is on till May 1st and please don't miss it.