Restaurant Week India, Prego, Taj Coromandel


RWI is back. Let's get one thing out of the way. While it is still superbly priced for a 3/4 course meal at fabulous restaurants, the ridiculously low prices of the previous editions are not there. After all the taxes and fees, it now will cost you Rs. 2300 for two people. Still brilliantly priced, especially when you book restaurants like Prego, which would normally cost you close to 3.5k for two for a 3 course meal each.

So, with the price out of the way, the menus have gotten more interesting. Our dinner started with the simple, yet awesome Grilled Scamorza for my friend. Grilled cheese with the Italian breads were great as it is, but small little mushroom on the side was fantastic addition. I had to have Scallops and so, I opted for that. The Scallops are RWI special and will cost Rs. 100 more. With the brilliant lentil sauce for company, this was a superb match.

For the main course also, we decided to go with one from the menu and one from the RWI special menu and my friend said there was no use in coming to Prego and not having pasta. I would have preferred to try the saffron sauce risotto, but he wanted the pasta. Choosing between the risotto and the Chilean Sea bass with pumpkin puree, I went with the Chilean Sea Bass. Both turned out great. The pasta was simple, perfect al-dente with a burst of flavour while the Chilean Sea Bass was loaded with flavour and the pumpkin puree added a fabulous element. We finished off with the glazed strawberry mascarpone and wished there was more.

Prego is a fabulous Italian restaurant and never ceases to amaze either with food or service. Everything from the way the butlers are dressed to how they are always available but still seem to disappear giving you your privacy is amazing. Bumped into a friend who came in with his wife and had only compliments for Prego.

Restaurant Week is on till May 1st and already Golden Dragon is booked out for most part and is on waitlist while Prego is booked out this weekend.

You can book right here using the link below.

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