Kerala Food Festival, Spice Haat, Hyatt Regency

Sometimes food is sooooooo good that you know it while looking at it. And then the rare thing happens. I eat it without photographing it! Really! Completely missed photographing the starters here! Oh so yum. And having a Mallu friend who certified the dishes really helped!

OK, so here is what is happening. Another buffet food festival, this time from Kerala and hosted at Hyatt Regency. The simplest of foods are the most difficult to make in a restaurant setting, I guess. When was the last time you felt at home in a restaurant? OK, why will you go to a restaurant to feel at home!?! Let me try again. When was the last time you felt like being in a friend's home when you visited a restaurant? Bingo!

There were two starters - a fried chicken and this awesome awesome thing called Mutton Ularthiyathu. Couldn't care less what that actually meant! It was soooooo yum. One look and though not pretty, it was love at first site. OK. At first Bite. And I don't have photographs to show it! Sorry. It was super nice, juicy, perfectly spiced and felt like eating in a friend's home. My mallu doctor friend certified the flavours, though I couldn't have cared if the flavours were Kerala or Kashmir. The fried chicken was super yummy, but didn't stand a chance near the mutton.

Main courses were simple and very home style. And there was another mutton, MUTTON KURUMILAGU something. Oh man! It was super yummy with the kerala parotta which was slightly disappointing as it wasn't as fluffy as the ones I am used to, but the gravy sort of made up for it. That with the Avial and Kerala Style Buttermilk was simply enough!!!!

Sweets with Kerala has to be some PRATHAMAN. We had one with Rice and one with Jackfruit, both ending the meal quite well!!

The festival is on till the 25th of April, 2016, so there is some time to get your hands on that mutton!