Smoke House Deli, Indra Nagar, Bangalore

If I had to choose one place that I look forward to eating in Bangalore, it will probably be Smoke House Deli. Located on the beautiful Indra Nagar 100 feet road with a black and white with red accents theme, this place has continental food that connects. This time around we were a big bunch and while it gives you the opportunity to taste a lot of dishes, it also means that not everybody will wait till you take photos. Some of them will make sure you don't. Keep them in mind when I get invited for a food festival next time! EVIL GRIN!

Three dishes stood out that night. One for being bad and two for being extremely good. The others were on par with Smoke House Deli's standards. We skipped starters and went straight into ordering a main course each.

The smoked chicken risotto, the first to arrive was the super hit. While it wasn't the perfect al-dente, it had supremely subtle flavours that was enjoyed by one and all! My dish, the chicken roulade penne was the other excellent dish. This one with a slightly, but nicely overpowering garlic with excellent red sauce and a fantastic chicken was a stand out. The other penne, a vegetarian version was supremely bad! The sauce was flavourless and the eater almost begged the rest of the table to help her finish it!!! The peri peri chicken along with the lamb shanks were the next best, but I got to eat only one spoon of them all!

When in Smoke House Deli, you need to leave space for dessert, even if that means skipping appetisers. We shared five desserts and each and every one of them was excellent. The chocolate tart with a tiny hint of peanut butter, creme brûlée, the awesome hazelnut bar, the panna cotta and cheesecake were all licked clean.

Being a big bunch, our bill was Rs. 6600 for 9 main courses and 5 dessert!!! This is like comfort continental food that is rarely off the mark!!!