When you drunk, would you like to feel like a kid again? I'm not sure, but then how would I know? Then there are those who don't get drunk and want to feel like kids again. Not just anywhere, but especially when they eat out. Like kids running around in a restaurant. I mean....yeah. Having stuff to play with. So imagine a place where you have some adult toys....ok, that did not sound right. Imagine a place where you have some toys. In adult sizes. Much better description.

Hoppipola is one such place. As soon as you enter, the giant JENGA catches your eye. If you are not sure what that is, sorry. There are other toys for you to play with. Like a mini golf that is extremely difficult even when you're sober. Actually, the place looks like a little play area and definitely not like a bar or a resto-bar or anything that has bouncers outside. Its almost like proving you're an adult to the guys outside and then becoming kids again! No stags allowed, so just like when we were kids, you need to have company. Not just any company, well you get the picture!

The only problem for me? The food wasn't great. My 'drinker' friend says that their drinks are pretty good, though, so I guess, drinks and games (not the pool but board and JENGA games) are their focus. The golden fried prawns were poorly peeled and we had a tough time negotiating it in the mouth. The crumb fried chicken breast was way overcooked. The little pieces of lamb on a small roti were alright. The pizza was blah. The banofee pie was a little too sweet and the chocolate dessert was the only one that was really nice and thats the only one name I forgot. The food wasn't bad, just the ambiance and the service and the games and everything set the expectations higher.

But surprisingly, we didn't come out too unhappy. Despite only one being drunk (okay partially drunk. OK, just two drinks drunk), and the other three being sober, we tried our hand at JENGA till it came falling all over us. This is a HUGE JENGA and the photo doesn't tell the real story! We tried some golf and the drinker tried a tee off shot!!!! No damage done though. The service is friendly and even when the huge JENGA came down or when the golf ball went all over, no one batted an eyelid. Maybe they are used to it. Prices are reasonable and a meal for two without drinks will come to about Rs. 1500. This place is a fun pub and when I went they had just set up, so I hope their food gets better.

Hoppipola is the new pub in the basement of the Spring Hotel, on Valluvar Kottam High Road.