Carribean Festival at Absolute BBQ

For a price point of about 650 bucks, the standards that ABs sets is unbelievable. From being the best chicken wings in my opinion to doling out fabulous starters and desserts, ABs has got it right. But when there is a festival menu doing the rounds there for which CFG organises a bloggers table, it is hard to resist. Meeting up with old blogger friends was rather fun and was enough to make the evening fun, but the dinner here was a story to unfold.

Service being the usual super friendly super efficient, they went out of the way to tell us that each dish was made just for the festival. Their usual fantastic prawns were the same, just spicier. The fish was similar, the other starters on the grill were all similar, but spicier. I was starting to wonder if the festival was just an increase in the spice levels. My favourite chicken wings was missing and I wasn't smiling. For almost 20 odd minutes, we were eating spicier version of their usually fantastic starters. Not good. They kept telling us that the marinade was different, but I didn't taste it. Except, of course, being spicier.

Then slowly, but steadily the good stuff started coming out. Their usually awesome chicken wings had taken another equally awesome avatar. Super flavour. Juicy. Yummy. Then, the featured dish, their Leg of Lamb. With a spicy, but super nice (what they call) the Carribean marinade. The lamb was cooked to perfection and we all loved it. Two more festival special dishes, a baked type of fish and cutlet together finished the line up. And then, just before we forgot that we ordered mocktails, they bring this pineapple with a straw stuck to it. While the drink was pretty good, the visual appeal made it so much better and more than made up for the lacklustre starters. And it really captured the popular image of the Carribean!!! And in true Carribean style, the waiters launched into a dance at about 8 pm much to the amusement and applause of the guests!!!

Like I usually do, most of us completely skipped the main courses and I even skipped their wish grill as I was full with the overdose of new starters and dived straight into their signature dessert, the Paan Ice Cream. Though the guy advised against it, I added sprinkles and chocolates to it and loved every bit of it. The fried watermelon was a nice try and was pretty good, but you can go to ABs, eat just the grills and dessert and you would have got more than your money's worth.

Unfortunately we went on the last day of the festival, so its gone and you won't get the lamb leg piece now, but hopefully next time, I can visit these festivals early enough to blog about it before it gets over!!! Chao!