Awadhi Food Festival, Vivanta by Taj Connemara

Supposed to be a food lover's paradise, Lucknow has been on my wish list. Not because anything else, but just the Awadhi Biriyani and the Gulouti Kebab. Taj invited us over and here goes.... Now that a Awadhi chef landed here from Lucknow, I was dying to try the galouti kebab.

Starter: Nice. Check
Main Course. Nice. Check.
No galouti in main course. Grrr......
Dessert: Nice. Check.

If I am going to spend anytime on writing about it, it will be about the fantastic Awadhi Biriyani. Loved it. Okay. review over. Okay, particularly, the fish kebab was very good and in the main course, the dhal was stunning. Surprisingly for me, the vegetarian dishes were quite excellent, coming from a cuisine that is predominantly, meat based. Okay. Review over.

But having a Lucknow Chef in Chennai and not eating Galouti was nagging me. It was like we missed gold. So, three foodies, decided to go back by ourselves on Monday and eat the Galouti Kebab. We hatched a plan and landed there. Again.

And it was everything we wanted it to be. A nice sheermal (or shirmal, or sheermaal) served first. 5 pieces of galouti on a separate plate. I was a little too impatient and so I gulped down one piece. It was near nirvana. Near, because it was a little spicy for me. Obviously, it had to be eaten with the bread, so this time I followed protocol. Bread first. Take photo. Place the kebab on top. Take photo. Smear it.  Take photo. Fold it. Thats it. After that I was done taking photos. Kept the camera aside. Folded it and gulped it down. This time it was nirvana. 4 such nirvanas. And we were done!!!!!!

Long live Awadhi Food Fest. Unfortunately its on only till the 26th of Oct!!!