Seashell's Iftar Kit

Make hay while the sun shine! This is apt for the growing Iftar Kits in Chennai. Until a few years back, there was no such concept, but from the time Haleem invaded the city, Iftar kits are now plenty! And when there is plenty, there will always be good and bad. Usually, lots of bad and a few good! Iftar kits are no different. This year, like I have been harping over the past few weeks, Iftar has been a disappointment. A couple of home bakers and Blue Diamond saved the day, but then one Iftar kit came along and redeemed Iftar Kits!

Normally parking in Sea shells is a nightmare, but that day, the adjacent street was free. I walked in and asks for the kits, but the guy asked me if I had placed order earlier for the kits. Uh? Was I supposed to do that? I said, I didn't, and he asked me how many kits I wanted? He said, he could give me two quickly, but for more, I'll have to wait. The time was only 10 mins away to break fast and I decided to take two and run home!

As I reached home, folks were breaking fast and munching on something and staring at me for being late. The stares widened when they saw only two boxes. Quick explanations, water and smiles later, we opened the box and dived into it. First to come out was the fruit box. Went into the stomach at the same speed. Then we saw the haleem box. Small box, but when opened had a nice aroma to it, however the colour was pale! Did not have a good feeling about it, but took a spoonful nevertheless! And BAM! It was awesome. I need to now stop judging food based on colour, I guess. First the biriyani in Hyderabad and now this haleem! Flavour was very nice and rich and just right without the mutton overpowering anything. Consistency was slightly thinner, but other than that, this was a very nice haleem. May not have been perfect, but was certainly the best haleem I had this Iftar season.

EDIT: I realised much later that the haleem I had was chicken and not mutton!

The schawarma was standard Sea Shells and so I knew what to expect and it delivered it. The rest of the box was good enough to be dinner for one person. It had a very nice Arabian rice with mutton gravy (which they call, NO-POINTS-FOR-GUESSING, biriyani), a glass of watermelon juice, a rather dry piece of parotta with some mutton gravy, one piece of khuboos, some toum (garlic mayo), and a very very bony piece of grilled chicken. I know lots of people love chicken with bone, but I am a boneless guy!

I can now sleep in peace. I have had at least one really good haleem this season. I have two more in mind and lets see how the Iftar season ends! Oh, since I was late for Iftar, I did not think it was right to keep people waiting till I take photos, so I took a couple of quick ones on the phone which turned out pretty pathetic and so my friend, Shadir from Chennai Soru, was kind enough to share his pics! Thanks Shady!