Pasta Avenue

Every once in a while comes along a place that seems just honest. No corporate overheads. No fancy stuff. Just a simple menu with food that is from the heart. I wrote about Fusilli Reasons, now I found another such place. Pasta Avenue diagonally opposite the Apollo Children's Hospital is now my go to place for comfort food. Menu is a little elaborate and so food takes a while to come to your table. Gladly there are only about 10 seats, so worst case your order will take about 20 minutes. Bet you, it will be worth it.

Been there about three times now and every time, we try one of their fries. First the Chettinad spiced fries. Then the chilly cheese fries. Both were very nice. But their names calls for Pasta and every pasta we had over the last week was awesome. A fantastic Pasta Bolognese loaded with meat. This is where the honesty part comes in. It was loaded with meat. Really loaded with meat. The Pesto pasta was pretty awesome too. I only wish the garlic bread was a little bigger. It was yum, but small. The portions of the pasta were quite nice. Once we had a very nice bitter chocolate fondue which came with a wide variety of stuff to dip and eat, but the next time we had a very tasty, but slightly soggy custard waffle!

Typical bills for two are always around the Rs 750 mark!!!! Service is quite slow, but very friendly. In times of bad Iftar options, Pasta Avenue came as a saviour when we needed something for Iftar