ETC cafe!

How do you mess up the order, serve the patty well done when asked for medium, serve a burger in a soft torn bun, but still make it awesome? Ask ETC cafe. Brand new cafe, with ample parking space on the first floor with a full fledged restaurant in the ground floor, ETC cafe has something about it. The prices are atrociously low! I mean, Rs. 140 for a burger in a posh cafe located on Rutland Gate? Quite unheard of in a long time.

So, we heard about this cafe and decided to go in. The ambience is quirky and elegant. The egg shaped chairs are surprisingly comfortable. There is a game room with life sized Snake and Ladder, Ludo and even Connect The Dots.

Let's get to the food now. I'll get the bad things out of the way first. The vegetarian club sandwich is very average. Its just a three layer sandwich with only cucumber and tomato. Not the kind of food that the rest of the food represents. The garlic french fries were also a little hard and chewy. Anyway, bad things over so, now the French Onion Soup. Close to the perfect flavour, and served very nicely in a cup, the soup is just right. With a nice little piece of crusty bread topped with cheese, it complements the soup well. And it might just be taken straight of the cup! And then the burger. Beef burger wasn't on the menu, but when I asked, they said they can get it from the restaurant downstairs. I asked for medium, it came well done. The bun was falling apart. But, the burger was FANTASTIC. Superb beef, super soft, awesome flavour with the right amount of onions and juicy!!!!!

Now, we asked for the bill and the owners came up and said that right now, there is no bill. They've tied up with some orphanage and the money you pay goes straight to them. They said they will tell us how much we ate for and that they would like if we pay at least 50% of the bill. Wonder why. We said we'd pay 100% of the bill amount and then the said that some people came in ate, loads, paid peanuts and went. Sad that such an initiative is being misused, but gladly they did not withdraw it. Not sure how long this is, but the above and two cakes together cost us only Rs. 800.

Love the collection of books. Love the menu prices. Love the car park. Finally, I think I've found the place to go if I just need to be on my own with a book in hand or laptop on.....well, lap!!! This might almost just replace Cha Bar. ETC cafe is on Rutland Gate, on the alley next to Ritu Kumar, where the old Apollo Wellness Centre was.