Absolute BBQ, Chennai

So, how do you write about a place that has been written so many times? It has been done and dusted.  It has been praised. It has been pulled down, but consistently, the place is packed. And reservations are difficult. If I have to be different, I have to write bad things. But, nope, I am not going to try and be different. In Bangalore, I loved it. In Chennai, I was there for their pre-opening and I loved it. Went back after so long and still loved it!

The surprising thing is their consistency. Chicken wings. Now, I hate chicken wings. Hate it so much, that even in Buffalo, I had one piece of Buffalo Wings, and then had the boneless Buffalo Chicken with Celery. That's how much I don't like wings. Now, I ate three pieces of wings here! It was brilliant. I struggled to eat, but I ate. Loved it. Their starters are consistently good! The prawns were awesome, the Sheekh Kebabs were surprisingly good and their fish was super nice. Starters are just super nice! The cinnamon dabbed pineapple and the super crispy corn were a nice vegetarian complement to the non veg overdose!!!!

After 45 minutes of starters, there wasn't much space left for main course. The wish grill with shark, rabbit, quail and a bunch of other stuff is really not the difference between other table top grills and ABs. There is so much more, but yes, the wish grill does stand apart. Besides these, they had a fabulous sweet bread with minced mutton which I had two helpings of! Loved that too!

The best dish though was the dessert. While we have a few stone cold ice cream parlours, no place serves stone cold ice cream mix the way ABs does it. Their paan ice cream has to be the best stone cold ice cream in Chennai!!! Service, though, was a little better in Bangalore and something was amiss here, but the food was so good that service didn't matter. Service wasn't bad, but in Bangalore, it was outstanding.

Yes, getting a reservation is tough, but if you go early, you can squeeze into the quota for walk ins. AB's is located on GN Chetty Road, opp the Indian Oil Fuel pump. We were a bunch of 9 people and we paid Rs. 5500. While water was mentioned, iced tea wasn't mentioned and though we asked for one, we weren't charged for it. The iced tea was pretty bad, so, gladly it wasn't charged!