Fusilli Reasons

Comfort Pasta? Is that possible for a Tamilian? I didn't think so, but after Friday night, I've found a new comfort food. Seriously, how can you find a new comfort food? Isn't that something that grows on you over time? That is what I thought too, but after a quick dinner at Fusilli reasons, perception has changed.

So, I've been hearing a few good things about Fusilli Reasons and when my cousin wanted to catchup, I suggested that place. Took me a few rounds before I found it and was shocked to see the size of the place. Almost a hole in the wall place that can seat about 10 people if cramped, wasn't exactly what I was expecting. Because of the all the good reviews, we decided to stay back and eat. And that was the best decision of last week!

The menu is written on the wall and let me list it out - 3 types of garlic bread, 4 types of pasta, nachos, and two drinks. That's it. The garlic breads are 30 bucks for three pieces, the pasta and the nachos are 90 bucks. The drinks are 20. Simple. Just like the food.

I asked for an assorted garlic bread and I got three, with different mayos on top. Nice and simple, it was gone in no time. The nachos wasn't exactly Mexican, but it had the essence of it. It wasn't corn chips with dips, but with a nice really saucy sauce on top. Loved it. The pasta was similar to the nachos and next time, I'm going to be trying the other pastas because I loved that too. I so wish they add a few more things to their menu!!!

Fusilli Reasons is off Ormes Road (the road that has Bains School), in a street called Dr. Vasudevan Road, diagonally opposite Paramount Hotel. We need more such places in Chennai, or maybe there are more such places and I need to get to all of them soon! Next stop - to try some Atho in Chennai!