Ciclo Cafe

There aren't too many theme based restaurants in Chennai, are there? I definitely don't recall anything based on cycles. While once a common mode of transport, the cycle has now made a come back like how most things do - with a premium.

Ciclo cafe has an eye catching appearance and it caught our eye when we were driving down and from then on, has been on my to-do list. When my friend and me finally went there after it seemed like the whole world has been there, we realised that this was by L'amandier and our excitement died down a bit. Not because L'amandier is bad by any means, I love the place, but going by the exteriors, I really was hoping somebody new has tried their hands.

The highlight of the place is, no surprises here, the bicycle store! With cycles costing 3-4 Tata Nanos per piece, the store is exciting. The menu is very similar to L'amandier with the addition of pizzas. We settled for a broccoli pie, chicken sandwich and a chocolate dessert, the name which I can't remember now. The broccoli pie was stunning. I don't know what I liked about it but it seemed like a perfect dish!!!!! Loved it. In comparison, the sandwich, while large and filling, wasn't out of the world, but a very nice comforting dish. We loved the dessert too and the damage on the pocket was about Rs. 750 for all three.

Chennai is seeing a sudden increase in the number of new restaurants. Being featured everywhere from BBC, where, your's truly, had given a quote, to multiple other magazines as being among the top places to live, Chennai is finally getting some attention to its authentic side without having to be 'entirely modern and cut throat,' to be featured there. For a Chennaite like me, I love it.

So, while I haven't been eating out much over the last month, restaurants seemed to be mocking me. I now have Swiss Hut, Double Roti with rave burger reviews and a few others, looks like its going to be a busy summer!!!!