Magnum launches a new flavour!

"So, you can go up to 90% chocolate to get the real flavours," she said.

"My coffee is 100%" he said.

"She has won the award twice," the MC said pointing to her.

"The only reason I did not win it twice was because the winner is not allowed to participate again," he quipped!

"Women come to my dessert bar at 12 midnight and rave about the chocolate," she said.

"Why are they not in bed with their husbands?" he asked.

"They say it is better than sex," she said.

"Oh no, no no. My coffee is not better than that! You win," he said. Defeated.

This was an event I was waiting for. Having heard awesome reviews about Magnum's masterclass workshop last time, which I missed, having Janice Wong, winner of Asia's Best pastry chef and Fritz Storm, winner of the International Barista competition to showcase Magnum's new flavour, Choco-Cappucino was like a dream!

The event though was disastrously organised, so we did not get to taste the creations that these two masters created, except for one, a chocolate gravy! Yes, a chocolate gravy! Janice Wong, the owner of the 2 a.m. dessert bar in Singapore made our mouths water with her display of making chocolate gravy that was served with crisps! While creation after creation went past ours and other tables to a select few randomly, those who ended up tasting only one (or two for some lucky ones), were left gaping! I know somethings have to be left to the imagination, but certainly not food!

The one that none of us had to share was the Magnum Choco-Cappuccino ice cream of course! Thank God for that! I wonder if and when Magnum will launch their Gold in India!

The food that followed at Amethyst was quite fabulous and I don't have photos of that, but I didn't know Amethyst did events like this!