Rooftop Alfresco, Taj Club House

I was intrigued. I was a little sad too. When Taj invited me to their new dining experience, the Rooftop Alfresco at the Taj Clubhouse, I presumed that Kefi, one of the best roof top restaurants in Chennai, was coming to a close and was being replaced! Fellow foodies shared the anguish! But thankfully, that wasn't the case. The outdoor seating area of Kefi, now has more options to eat from and now as a new avatar, the Rooftop Alfresco! Being open from 530 in the evening, it can turn out to be a great spot for catching up after work and with very few 5 star offerings like this in Chennai, Taj is aiming to fill that void!!!

Open to public from the 6th of Feb, we had a nice sneak peak! Dinner started with a wine for the 'drinkers' and mocktails for the good boys! The chef made fun of us because that night, all ladies had the wine and the gentlemen were the teetotallers!

The mezze platter that came in was signature Kefi. Accompanied by some wonderful pita bread, the platter had yummy hummus, an awesome spanakopita, falafel and a salad and made a great starter. Next came the dish of the day, which unfortunately turned out to be a veg dish, so we, carnivores only got a bite each. It was called Gnudis ( we had some fun trying to pronounce it. The G is silent). Whoa, it was heavenly. This was followed by a nice wrap and a very different tasting pizza. A fantastic Key Lime Pie closed the dinner for us!

With the cool breeze and being seated right next the pool made for a great ambiance. Wonder how it will be in the peak of Chennai heat, but barring those two months, this should be a great place for the rest of the year. I saw an Istanbul Burger on the menu (and as you can imagine, a little disappointed not to have tasted that) but my friend and me are planning to try this out!!!