Bistro. Patisserie. I love those two words under the name of any restaurant! Jonah's has been around for a few months and the only reason it took me so long to get there was the distance! Besant Nagar! Finally found a fellow foodie to drive! He he! Yay! The setting is very very nice. A combination of high chairs, private dining space and regular seating, the display of the patisserie is very inviting. My eyes fell on the escargot  and I told the waiter that I would like to have it for dessert! Yep, ordered dessert well before we got seated!

The menu was a typical continental menu but with a few new names. Bashed Potato! The description said something like 'Creamy mashed potatoes in a crispy baked potato skin.'  Our mouths started to water. We also placed order for another unique dish, some chicken wrapped in turkey bacon! We ordered a burger, (yeah, I know), a grilled chicken with a side and waited!

The first starter was a disappointment. Well, not taste wise, but description wise. What would you think when you read, 'Creamy mashed potatoes in a crispy baked potato skin.' Yeah, I thought of that too. But what we got was a bunch of roasted baby potatoes, smashed with string of creamy mayo. We called the waiter to ask if they mixed the order, but the PR manager came and said that they were going to change the description on the menu. I wish the waiter told us this WHILE we placed the order. We asked him to change the rice in the main course to mashed potato because our minds suddenly wanted a mashed potatoes.

The chicken wrapped in turkey ham was an awesome dish! The chicken was juicy and the slightly smoky flavour in the ham went well and I wished I could have had a few more. We were raving and raving, when our friend, sitting at home told us that the burger is dry there and not to order that. When we saw up, the burger had just arrived. It was dry. End of story! The other main course had a very good chicken, but the mashed potatoes were very grainy, tasted stale and felt like the store bought potato flour. The PR manager denied it and assured us that it was mashed in house, but there was something totally wrong with the mashed potatoes. We were told that they have issues with the types of potatoes they got, but we would have been happy if they said, 'yes, this serving on your plate is bad, can I replace it with fries or something else,' instead of giving us a lecture on what all affects the quality of the mashed potatoes!

The escargot that I ordered at the start arrived and it was fantastic. The cookie was nice and crisp while the chocolate on top was just right without being too sweet. We also had Belgian Waffle, which were not shaped or taste like Belgian waffles, but tasted very very good! Very airy and light and super soft! Went well with the caramel and maple syrup! Great way to end a meal!

Jonah's is in Besant Nagar and I believe is coming soon to Phoenix Mall!