Biriyani Mountain, Green Bawarchi


The same look that was on the guy who acted in the Tata Indica ad! If you are still gaping, you are forgiven! And yes, that was 1 plate!

5 minutes back, the same mountain that arrived in our neibour's table had us laughing! Why did they order a family pack for three people was our thoughts! Till the same mountain landed on our table.

There are some things in life that are not important. Cleanliness. Politeness. Etc.

Green Bawarchi is a place that gives you only what is important in life - Biriyani!

"1 plate chicken 65 and half plate mutton biriyani," was my order seating in a table for four and sharing it with my friend and two strangers. The place was packed!

"No chicken 65," was the first part of the curt reply, followed by "half plate for two people. No. 1 plate. Chicken kebab, same taste. 1 plate," he wrote and walked off. Did I want chicken kebab? No. Did that matter? No.

The chicken kebab came first. We started eating that succulent kebab and realized that maybe the lack of service got us this nice juicy kebab. And then the biriyani came! I mean the mountain. Hyderabadi Biriyani has that unique taste and this had a hint of it too.

I guess this place is all about the serving size! If you look past the cleanliness and service and if you're a girl, the oogles and stares that you will get, this is enjoyable. If is the operative word here! Next time we play Truth or Dare, dare me to take my DSLR here and shoot photos! You can consider yourself the winner!

Biriyani is priced around Rs. 250! And yes, this is Hyderabad, not Chennai!