Chocolate Pairing Week

I'm excited! This is going to be an awesome week!

The first time this event happened, a couple of months back, it was for an exclusive audience of about 6 people. ONLY. You can read about that in my blog post, but to make things short, this was a wonderful meal that had chocolates in every course. Right from the starter to the, duh, dessert, everything had chocolates. I mean, chocolate shavings on pasta instead of parmesan! You get it!?!

Nitin Chordia, the man behind this, is back. Literally. First he went to Belgium to get chocolates and now he went to London to bring back some chocolates that the best chefs in town will create into a meal!

The videos and photos are from his trials that are going on to make this week happen!

The schedule is as follows

Tuscana Pizzeria, Wallace Gardens during 28-30th Nov from 7pm onwards

On the Rocks (Sheraton Park Hotels & Towers) on 28th Nov from 7pm onwards

The Flying Elephant (Park Hyatt Chennai) on 29th Nov from 7pm onwards

Lotus (The Park) on 30th Nov from 7pm onwards

You can expect a four course chocolate infused meal paired with wine (except at Tuscana). Each venue will have a unique menu conceptualized by their Chefs. 

For more details, look up,