Brick House Bistro

Burgers are storming Chennai! While fancy hotels are upping their burgers by a notch, like Park Hyatt, newer players are putting Hard Rock Cafe's Legendary burgers to shame! While a few places have made some noises in Facebook and Twitter, I had the chance to visit only Brick House Bistro a couple of days ago and slurp! That too because I had a scapegoat to drive. Yay!

Yeshwin, the brains behind BHB was associated with a start up pizza brand that saw a rapid growth, but one that did not sustain too long. I really hope he has learnt his lessons from that experience, because I would hate to see this wonderful place go down. Walking into this new bistro, I liked the stencil art of cooking greats like Heston and Marco Pierre White and the likes! Nice touch. The place is quite small and can seat about 30 I guess, but he has done the place up quite eclectically.

And now the food. Expectations were through the roof and I had been seeing photos of their burgers splashed all over the Chennai Food circle. I was waiting to be disappointed! But when the burger did arrive, it lived up to every review I read! Super juicy. Super tasty. No distractions. It was a simple well done beef patty burger. As simple as that. At a price of Rs 195 (without fries, add Rs. 60 for fries and salad), this was a winner all the way! Yep, the burger was good, but that should not take away anything from the hot dog! Slurp! Smoky and super soft and super flavourful, this was a nice hot dog! Lovely in every way. The king's club sandwich, which was very similar in taste to the hot dog did not catch my attention, but the other two were just mind blowing. Even if it was priced at twice the price, we don't think we would have thought any different.

Now the bad. The dessert. The Aunt Maria's Lemon Cheesecake, though wasn't awful, was pretty bad considering the standard of their main dishes. The base was so soggy that it was like a marie biscuit dipped in tea!

We paid Rs. 1450 for a double burger with fries and salad, a double hot dog, a king's club sandwich, two coffee shakes, a lemon cheesecake and a single burger takeaway for mummy! Tummy Khush.  Mummy Khush. Wallet also khush!

Brick House Bistro is located in Anna Nagar at No 9, S-Block, 6th Avenue, Anna Nagar East, Chennai