Basil with a Twist

Another place that has been making a lot of noise in the past few week!!! Every review, every post on FB. Every Tweet. Everything written about the restaurant thus far has been either to praise the restaurant or the three Serb owners! While I am writing this from the other side of the world where similar foods are dime a dozen, the three of us, that night went in, pretty late! And we were welcomed with open arms. Located, slightly in an interior, but very well connected road, Basil with a Twist is in a brand new building!

Seated in a nice, big table for four, privacy will not really be an issue in most tables! Of course, I am talking about privacy from other diners! The chef can see you and you can see him and you can exchange smiles, comments, praises, tomatoes, whatever! Run by three expats who are apparently out to serve, 'Non Indianized, traditional food from their home land,' service was fantastic to say the least! We asked for suggestions and went with those! 

A small salad to start off with, was a suggestion, that I will not go with again, not because it was bad, but it was ordinary! Especially ordinary compared to the food that followed! A steak, which I asked for medium, was reasonably medium! OK, slightly on the done, but, it was a fantastic dish! The mushroom sauce all around it was lip smacking! You could lick it all around and would be forgiven. The sausage with potatoes was just as excellent! Fantastic meat, well cooked and great flavours! The fish of the day, Mahi-Mahi, was very well grilled and was loved!

And then came two big disappointments! The dessert. While the cheese cake was a whipped cream cake on a soggy base at best, the baklava was served in a fashion that I have never had before. Both desserts tasted OK, but were very very different from what we were used to! For me a Baklava is nice and crisp, so having the same flavours in a melted cream wasn't appealing! 

Rs. 2650 for the six dishes and great service! I will go again! You should try it, too!