Pantry d'Or

So some places have been making some noises recently and pantry d'or is one of them! Dragging my backside all the way to Anna Nagar was the sole reason, I didn't try it earlier, but then, one day, Vadivel's 'ADIMAI SIKKITAN' moment happened! Friend offered to drive. When I went home, I realised that I was the 'ADIMAI.' Bulb!

Anyway, so I drove, parked and we got in! Place was empty!  The place was very nice with a neat outdoor seating and a nice, but slightly uncomfortable inside seating. The menu is simple and small, but its very typical of a nice coffee shop! Not too much, not too little, but if you're scouting for options, then this may not be the place for you. They also have options with and without fries, so that way there are options!!!

Food, well, we ordered a Turkish pizza and a lamb burger! Both dishes were nice. The pizza was loaded with meat and was quite flavourful, so it was an nice starter to have. The burger had a nice patty, fries and a little salad too, so that was quite thoughtful! We finished off with a very good marble cake with ice cream. The food in general wasn't outstanding, but for the price and for its position as a coffee shop, the food was great!

I was quite intrigued by the name and so I asked the owner, who was around and he said it means Gold! Gold it is!

Pantry d'Or is located at J Block 6th Ave, Anna Nagar,