Iftar @ Hard Rock Cafe

I know that sounds silly. Funny maybe. Weird maybe. But after a disastrous Iftar outings thus far, when we were at Phoenix, we decided to go to HRC. I love their music. I hate their burgers. Burgers in HRC Chennai that is. 3 times was enough chance. But we decided to go anyways as we were close to HRC and very close to time to break fast. Walking in Phoenix mall didn't help containing the hunger, so.....

And we ordered a Jumbo Combo. The waiter told us that he wouldn't recommend it for two people. "Try our burgers, sir. We are having a festival," he said. "I hate your burgers," I said and he looked shell shocked. Like, "Our burgers? You hate HRC burgers?" was the look he had on his face, but didn't say anything. He managed a smile. "I've tried it thrice and your beef burgers in Chennai are dry," I said. "You can try our chicken burgers," he said. "I'd like to try your jumbo combo," I said.

And boy, wasn't I happy when it came super quick, just as we drank water to break fast. And this was a fantastic way to break fast. A bunch of onion rings, albeit oily ones, but tasty. Three rolls filled with chicken, salad and served on a salad base. Yumm! And then three boneless chicken strips, done perfectly. Gulped it down in no time. 3 super yummy baked potatoes with chicken. The menu says 'potato skins with bacon,' but they were happy to replace it with chicken for us. And then came a dish that I hate, Chicken wings, but we ate them all because they were super juicy and super yummy. Even though I don't like that cut of chicken, the coating and the flavours were super yumm!!! At Rs. 750 (Rs 600 plus taxes), this was a filling combo just right for Iftar!

I guess, I'll have to start looking at non Iftar options for a fulfilling Iftar! But I'll keep updating as I try!

The photo is not mine, so I took it off the internet from a site called Mighty Sweet!