Cake at Adoniya

There are times when words cannot say what the mind and the heart wants to say! I don't think even the photo can convey what has to be conveyed! But I am going to try! When this cake was presented to me, I was stunned. Or Shocked. Or, I don't know whether hit me. It took me a while to look at that thing in front of me and tell myself that it wasn't a MAN VS FOOD burger. The patty was there, onions were there, the bun was there and the chips were there, but the chips was the only give away that this wasn't a real burger! Really!?! Made of Ferrero Rocher, the cake itself was divine. But I kept going back to slice the chocolates that made the burger patty look real and gulping that down! I have had many cakes done at Adoniya, but even Maaria is going to have to struggle to beat this creation of hers!!!