Brew Room, Savera

Quirky cafes are slowly making their entry into Chennai and I love that! It is no more a 'when I was in Bangalore.......' phenomenon. Ah, yes! The latest entry into the bandwagon is Brew Room, cleverly adapted inside Savera Hotels, but can stand out on its own without having to rely on the hotel for clientele. And as of date, it is probably the only garden cafe in which you can actually sit on the lush green lawns. Small, quirky and eclectically set, the ambiance is a winner. The Chennai weather unfortunately, is not and so you might end up sitting in the glass interior section most of the time, but during the Chennai hot season (remember, Chennai has hot, hotter, hottest only), the outdoor will be a beautiful place to sip a hot coffee!

I was there twice in two days and I waited for a few days to write about it because of one reason; the lamb burger. Now, I am paranoid about having lamb medium. Beef, yes, I have acquired that taste and the courage, but lamb, not yet. Only and only if I am absolutely sure of the quality of lamb will I even consider it done medium, so I was not happy when after the first bite the lamb burger presented itself with varying degrees of pink. I asked the person (he wasn't a waiter, but I think he might co-own the place) and he assured me that it was very good quality lamb and they have tested it multiple time. Oh, I forgot, the first bite was heavenly. It was an excellent lamb burger and a very good price. Reluctantly I ate. Reluctant, because I was paranoid and I didn't send it back because it was perfect. Ten days late, I am still alive, so I guess it was very good quality lamb.

The first time, we had chicken sliders (essentially mini burgers) which was quite good for me and the little sweetish onion compote was a real winner below the patty, the chicken sandwich wasn't out of the world, but was good enough. The Thai ice coffee was nothing special. The second time of course was the outstanding lamb burger, a Jamaican chicken sandwich that was quite nice and a very good carrot cake to finish it off. Both times, the bill was around 1200 for two dishes, so I guess the hotel tax rates kick in, though the menu price didn't seem very high with dishes being priced around Rs. 275.

Great ambiance, good food and friendly service!