Karaoke at Rhapsody, Marriott

From the time I have know Rhapsody, it had a identity crisis. Serving some fantastic Italian food, it had always dabbed with event nights, the best being the Jazz nights that they used to host with Alliance Franca-is for which, at that time, I was a regular patron. With an excellent ambiance, I have always felt that Rhapsody is not doing justice to its setting and now, finally, Rhapsody is trying its hand again at partying!

So every Friday, Saturday and even Sunday (I think), they have these pub nights with a live band and karaoke and that Saturday night when I was there, the crowd, though small, was in a total party mood and they lifted the night! Having just started off, the crowds are yet to throng this place and for me that was a good thing! Yes, I made a fool of myself behind the mic, trying to sing a song, but that was the whole idea!!!

The food was good in parts! That night they had a buffet that was quite far away from Italy with Chilly chicken being a part of the starters! It wasn't great! The grilled tenderloin was dry and chewy. Not good. Then the nice n juicy burger that was the first of the starters that was wolfed down by all of us, was followed by a cheese course. You know how much I love cheese, so I had a sample of every thing that was there and loved it with the outstanding choice of bread that you get! My friend who was the only pork eater in the group was raving and raving about the pork belly and the pork sausages! He was glad that he didn't have to share and I only managed the mashed potato that came with it! And it was super smooth and creamy and we fought off our pork eating friend for the mashed potatoes! There was another Indian starter that was excellent and saved the disastrous chilly chicken! The quiche was good enough and then there were salads and rice and a good round of dessert to finish off.

With the hostess offering a free shot for every one who tried their mouth at Karaoke, it was a fun filled night. Though the buffet happens only every two weeks, the Karaoke happens every Friday. The pub night with the buffet was priced at Rs. 1950 plus tax for food and alcohol, while there was a pricier version for unlimited imported spirits of which my pork eating friend had a glass of red wine followed by a glass of white wine. Not exactly a wine connoisseur type thing to do, but I don't think after the first round, he even cared!!!

The karaoke has ONLY English songs, so if you want to sing Lungi Dance, that option is not yet there!