Eggless Dessert @ Donut House

I guess this is the week of desserts! When the owner of Donut House invited me over for a cup of tea and 'eggless desserts,' I was stumped. Why are we having more dessert at Donut house? As the dishes were doled out, I thought he had a pretty good reason! While I am not sure if that is a great strategy for a donut chain that serves some very good donuts,  the eggless desserts were drool worthy. While we did 'sample' quite a few, ten to be exact, I am writing about only what caught my fancy!

The apple crumble was by far the best that day! It had the perfect flavours and consistency with a slight crunch and the flavoured ice cream went great with it! The cheese cake, though having a soggy base, had great flavours and except for the base, I liked the cake as is! The strawberry mousse was another good one and by this time, I was having the dessert overload! The chocolate tart had this wonderful base and a good chocolate filling and went well with the ice cream. The triple layered cake wasn't exactly my favourite, but the reason I am writing about it is because the the brownie on the base was heavenly. The other two layers weren't great, but that brownie was something else. I finished off with a potato patty to get rid of the sweet overload! I also had the Italian donut, a savoury one with cheese, almost like a vada with cheese topping, which is one of my favourites at Donut House to make the sweet overload go away faster.

Donut House wants to present itself as the dessert hub and for them apparently donuts were just the start. The promoter is young, full of life and is always looking to reinvent and his enthusiasm for donuts is something very nice. He has taken after Krispy Kreme, but adds that he is constantly reinventing flavours and is enjoying that. Is he a pure vegetarian who doesn't take eggs? Quite far from it as he says that he wants to be in the dessert market and not alienate even a single person and that is why all of his menu is pure vegetarian and he intends to keep it this way!

There are many outlets in Chennai and this was at their Egmore outlet, bang opposite Ethiraj College!