Dessert Hop, Part 1. Tiramisu at Focaccia, Macarons at EST, Hilton.

I couldn't wait to write about the desserts at Pan Asian and that is why Part 2 of the dessert hop came before Part 1, but that should in no way undermine the dessert we had at Focaccia, Hyatt Regency. When Chef Roberto was brought into Focaccia, he was appalled that I thought of another Tiramisu as being the best in Chennai. While you can read the whole thing here, in a nutshell, he wanted to us try his Tiramisu and we were floored. And that is why, I had insisted that my friends must try the Tiramisu here.

But after we went there, we were told that they have another excellent dessert and we thought, 'why not?' And that is how we discovered Chocolate Salami! It was a dessert with three thick slices of chocolate that had biscuits inside it and served with Creme Anglaise. It was super yum and since I loved chocolate with some crunch in them, this was a killer dessert for me! The Tiramisu! Oh wow. My other partners in dessert crime agreed that this was by far the best Tiramisu in Chennai! I think baking their own lady finger biscuits make a big difference, but whatever the reason........

Our final stop of the day was EST, Hilton for Macarons. EST is a very reasonably priced cafe for a 5 star hotel and with the Happy Hours happening from 5 PM to 11 PM, everything on the counter is on a 50% discount. Their macarons were excellent and thats why we picked up a piece each. At Rs. 40 a macaron, they were far better than most wanna-be macarons in Chennai. But this time, it was a miss. The macarons were a little too sweet for me! But the price of 3 macarons was Rs. 63 after the 50% discount, but though it was a miss, it certainly wasn't bad and I have had much worse macaron in Chennai!

And that concludes Dessert Hop!!!