Yana Sizzlers, Bangalore

So with the new office in Bangalore set between two 'food' streets in Koramangala, eating out has never been easier and the choice is immense! Though au bon pain is now a 10 minutes walk away, I guess, I will still miss it at times, especially if Yana is a benchmark! So the three of walked around, the breakfast at au bon pain still fresh in our minds and decided to try a new place. With an above average review at Zomato, this might not have been a bad choice.

The menu is extensive to say the least. Sizzlers and Steaks, though form the majority, the variety is mind blowing! The ambiance is very rustic and is not bad for a sizzler place! We were the only ones in the restaurant for lunch at about 230, but that did not turn us off! The price point was significantly higher with an average sizzler priced at about Rs. 450 and specials priced at Rs. 525 and seafood with prawns, etc priced at about Rs. 600.  The waiters were knowledgeable and were able to suggest dishes based on our liking! So the order was one veg sizzler, one seafood supreme and one tenderloin steak done medium!

This is what we got - three large sizzler plates, overloaded with rice, veggies, soggy french fries and the dish of our choice with almost the same flavour across the dishes. It almost felt like there was only one sauce in the kitchen. The beef steak was white! No medium steak will be white, but to their credit, the meat was super super soft and that was the only thing I enjoyed there. The seafood supreme had a few super tiny prawn pieces and some fish and the veggie sizzler had what we had in larger portions without the meat!

To put things in perspective, for about Rs. 1800, three of us had a superb meal at Smoke House Deli in Bangalore and my steak there superb. The meal here was much less than superb and with the competition around, I don't know how they can survive with this price point for average food. But the folks in Bangalore seem to like it and I guess, you cannot run a restaurant in Bangalore for Chennai foodies coming and eating there once in a lifetime! But I am not going back there.

But I would love an opinion! Did I order the wrong things? Did we order the three worst dishes, thought all three were suggested by the waiters and what they said will be on the dish is exactly what was in it. Or are the large portions making up for the taste? I mean, it is not bad, but for Rs. 600 bucks, you can get a much better dish in Bangalore than the Sea food sizzler we had!

So basically, I would go here for sizzlers at Rs. 300. Definitely not at the current prices!

Yeah, we did not eat desserts! Had a kulfi outside!


Yana Sizzlers is in Koramangala, 60 feet road, 5th block, the same road that has Mainland China.