Coffee Central

The first time I wrote about this cafe, I had written about how it reminded me of the cafe in the sitcom, F.R.I.E.N.D.S. I loved the quirky cafe and though today, we have much better looking ones, this is the only one that reminds me of the sitcom. Initially I quite liked it and then I felt that the quality dwindled, but last Saturday, my friend and me wanted to get a quick dessert and this being walkable for both of us, we took the walk!

We had just two things, a Layered Mocha for my friend and Brownie Tornado for me. I wasn't expecting anything at all. My previous visit's pasta which was very very average and the almost tasteless sandwich is all I could remember! And so, the two very good drinks came as a pleasant surprise. The brownie tornado was excellent and there is almost nothing to find fault in that drink! My friend's layered mocha was just as nice and together we were wondering if we should come here more often! The times we are looking for a place to have a nice discussion are too many and thus far, my colleagues have not considered this place after the bad sandwich, but maybe it is time to reconsider. I will probably go there one more time to see how their short eats fare and then, it might just become a regular hang out, considering its proximity!!!