Upper Deck, Fisherman's Cove

For a city which has the second longest beach in the world, Chennai is woefully short of good beach facing restaurants. A trip down the ECR and way past the second longest beach will take give you glimpses of some restos, but not too many that will stick to your brain. The restaurant in Fisherman's Cove's far north beach is one that will stick. Their Sunday Brunch is supposed to be outstanding and I got a glimpse of it and it had lobsters and stuff, but since we went at the fag end of the brunch, we made a reservation for dinner.

At dinner time, the place had only 7 tables of which 4 (including us) were full. It is a beautiful restaurant, perched on a small rocky surface with a beautiful sea view, which would have been way better during lunch, but the ambiance at dinner is not bad at all. The restaurant is manned by only two waiters, who, you might think own the place - that is the level of commitment and smile they have even at the fag end of a long day. This is a nice fancy restaurant with a limited menu and produce from around the world. Scallops, angus beef and Norwegian salmon are all on the menu. Its a pity that we were full and did not have the appetite, but whatever we had was amazing.

After we placed order for the soup, we were served our amuse-bouche, which was a pear soaked in something and though it could not create space in our not-very-empty stomachs, it was nice. The tortilla soup wasn't the best soup in the world, but it was nice and I wish there was more crisp tortillas inside it. Once the soup was done, we were presented with a nice palate cleanser - a raspberry sorbet. We decided to order one starter and one main course, so we got a funny named kebab, something like booondooohoo or something. The waiter himself mentioned it as the 'kebab with many Os' and said that it was a signature dish, so we went with it, along with a grilled sear-fish and loved them both. The kebab was almost like a galouti kebab and the lamb was flavoured brilliantly.  I so wish I could go back and get an Angus beef steak or Scallops!

The service was outstanding to say the least. It was attentive without being intrusive and they let you have your privacy, but check on you - so it was one of the best services that I have received in a 5 star hotel. After we were done with dinner, they asked about dessert and since we were full, they gave us two pieces of chocolates each as compliments. "You should always leave us with something sweet, sir", was his defence. We saw something on the menu that interested us and they delivered it to another restaurant the next night after dinner. WOW!!!

4.5/5 was the experience and Rs. 2715 was the damage, but if you're taking scallops or premium cuts of meat, the damages will be more.