QT Grills

United Tastes of America? Really? While the ads were quite catchy, it did catch our attention after an invite for desserts. Being with a bunch of foodies does that to you. Desserts can be followed by main course. After all, don't you eat the sweet first at a number of 'Elai Saapadus?' OK, so one night, we were a little hungry after eating desserts and after having seen the burger photo in the ad, we decided to drive down to QT grills and see what 'United Tastes of America' has to offer.

The place is quite small. The menu is a little bigger than the place. The burgers are a little larger than the menu. The burger in the photo ad is the largest. After placing the order and waiting for almost twenty minutes, during which time the waiter was no where to be seen, one foodie prompted, "looks like there is only one server and only one cooker," but after the one 'cooker' cooked the two burgers and vegetarian dish that we ordered, we were quiet.

Is it the best burger in town? Not at all. Is it a great burger for the price of Rs. 180? Hell, yeah! The beef burger was quite juicy, the sides were adequate and the taste was good. The bbq burger was just as good, but it did have a different flavour, unlike places where the patty is the same and the sauce is different. This patty tasted different! Our vegetarian friend was raving about her dish so much that we all took a bite and instantly loved it. Sorry, I forgot the name, but it was some sort of a potato steak.

Thats all we had space for and the bill was Rs. 581! Service was a little slow, but speak in Tamil with the waiter and he was more than happy to serve well. Our next table folks were speaking in Tamil to themselves and for some reason, had to speak in English to the waiter, who wasn't trained in Oxford University from the looks of it. Why can't you speak in a language that he understands?

QT Grills is in Adyar, in the service lane right behind Naidu Hall. At their prices, they are well worth trying.