Mexican Griller

I have confessed my love for Mexican and Tex Mex foods many times and when I even remotely see something similar to Mexican or with the name suggesting Mexican, my entire body itches and pushes me towards that restaurant. So, you can imagine my brain reaction when I see a restaurant named Mexican Griller, not very far away for me. Imagine me having been there and not writing about it for so long.......

So we had just two dishes - a nachos and a taco salad. The only thing that had the Mexican flavour was the corn tortilla and I am reasonably sure that the reason it had the flavour was because it was ready made. The guacamole wasn't great, the sour cream wasn't sour, you get the point? The taco salad had absolutely no Mexican flavour. Basically, except the name, I don't think anything else is Mexican here. The menu had some quesadillas, some nachos, no tacos and predominantly continental food. I don't remember seeing a burrito, but I don't know if it was an oversight. I don't know if it was their bad day or if I should have tried something else, but if a Mexican restaurant cannot get their nachos and their tacos right, I don't know if they can get the rest of the Mexican food right.

I am not going back there. Food is not bad tasting, so don't get me wrong, but there is very little Mexican in it. But I would like your opinions too! The service was friendly and rather quick, so the problem here is that the flavours are not right.

Mexican Griller is close to Loyola College, where you take the left when coming from Sterling Road.