Entree, E Hotel, EA Mall

This is going to be a tricky one to write about! When I first got the email with a complimentary meal for two at the Entree, E Hotel buffet, I didn't read too much into it. What was I going to do in a vegetarian buffet? I like vegetarian food, but a buffet for me? But when a friend of mine said that she quite liked the food at E Hotel, I was intrigued. So fixed a date and off we went! The lobby is quite nice, though small and the restaurant is right at the lobby! It was supposed to be 'World Cuisine' and I was looking forward to it!

The spread was disappointing. I haven't been to any other vegetarian buffet, so I don't know what the norm is, but the spread was by no means representing world cuisine. The soup and starters were served at the table and the soup was wonderful! The bread that came with the soup was bad! Out of the two starters (I believe it changes everyday), the sesame gobi was excellent and the dhal kebab was outright bad. With a completely mixed experience, we went for the buffet and quite like almost all of the few dishes that were there. The rajma chawal was quite lovely and of the three gravies, I liked two.

The desserts were rather sad and did not have anything special, but the chef treated us to their 'Restaurant Special', the tiramisu and a homemade hazelnut chocolate. The tiramisu wasn't great, but the hazelnut chocolate was outstanding. The buffet is priced at Rs. 750/- nett. Small spread, few excellent items and a couple of outrageous items with a super friendly service in a wonderful ambiance. It is a great choice for pure vegetarians and Jains and they have a party hall with pure vegetarian foods. From a non vegetarian perspective, I don't see why I have to go back, but I can't talk from the vegetarian perspective. So, that's why the confusion about recommending it.

E Hotel is at the Express Avenue Mall with both a dedicated portico and an entry from the mall.