I finally went to the revamped Zaitoon! Yay! Though slightly confusing, I think it is fair to say that Zaitoon is multicuisine restaurant specialising in Arabian food! Does that even make sense? For me, it is slowly starting to. Krishnavilasam is a multicuisine restaurant, specialising in Classic South Indian food. I think, slowly the concept of specialising in one cuisine, but having more options is becoming the need of the hour for restaurants to survive and invariably the 'Chinese', of course, Indo Chinese, is always there along with some North Indian food! The same with Zaitoon! The restaurant was packed that Sunday night and we waited for about 15 minutes for the table and there were families all over the place.

So being a large group, we had to order quite a few dishes, but that way I got to sample a lot of them. The special Zaitoon shawarma, which had quite a lot of meat, but almost nothing else, started the meal for me. I would have liked more than just chicken inside, but then, I asked for the 'special', I will probably try the 'normal' one day to check out what that tastes like. An order of falafel came with loads of hummus and a few balls of falafel, which tasted decent, while the hummus was alright, not great, but not bad either. The grilled fish, though was quite good that night and we ordered another portion! The Arabian rice with chicken was nice, but if you are expecting Biriyani, you will be disappointed!

And then, the reason they are an Arabian Specialty, but having the words multicuisine on top their logo, came about. Three people wanted naan and butter chicken and one person wanted only fried rice, so, Zaitoon, definitely caters to that. Was it excellent? No, but was it good enough for family outing where you don't have food critics, then a thumping yes!

I went to the Zaitoon in Nungambakkam, but there a few around the city, so take your pic!

3.5/5 was for me!