The Square, Cafe Coffee Day

My opinion of CCD has changed over the years and until this visit, I had decided, gradually over the years, not to step into a CCD unless I was dying. OK, not the hospital type dying, but the dying-of-thirst type dying! The place looked fancy enough to warrant a visit and the fact that it was a few meters away from another Coffee Day, the Lousy, sorry, the Lounge, made it even more quirky! So, yeah, we stepped in and stepped into to a very warm welcome.

The SQUARE is Coffee Day's niche coffee segment, with coffee beans from Columbia, Brazil, expensive coffee from India, among others, set in a beautiful two and a half level coffee shop in the middle of KNK Road! There are some expensive coffee brewing machines with coffee beans and powders in packets made for exclusive use of those machines! And then are is a nice menu too!

We just had one Roast Chicken Sandwich, which wasn't outstanding for the Rs. 275 that I paid for it, but the coffee was excellent. I asked if they can maintain the quality and the brewing and the ratios and he said was honest enough to say that they are still finding their feet, but are trained to deliver the same type of brewing most of the times. Of course, if you are a fancy coffee connoisseur, you are going to dismiss this, but for me, someone who does not know much about coffee, the types, how the different coffees taste and other such details, I sort of liked the place!

While one coffee and one sandwich is no way to judge a place, it looks like I am going to be going back a few times to try out different coffee and food and then decide if this is one coffee day that I might actually frequent. Service was excellent and the prices are KNK level, if you know what I mean, but this is worth a visit, definitely!